You bump into them in the virtual world every other day. They might annoy you, they might pester you or they might entertain you. Read further to see how many of them you know personally. And to find out if you are one of them.
Their profile picture would probably be a selfie or a shot taken in front of the mirror wearing the skimpiest of clothes and a pout. They are here to make ‘frans’ preferably of the opposite sex and spend their free time sending friend requests to strangers. Most of them in reality, perhaps, wouldn’t dare to step out of their rooms in those clothes but online they are someone else. 

These fools have a deep love for gross photographs of strange diseases. They truly believe liking a page can save someone. And with good intention plead with you to like the same, send you invites to join the most extraordinary causes from saving crows to cleaning roads! What they actually need is to be told that to make a difference they need to first get up from that comfortable chair of theirs. 

If you look at their friend list, you will have a mini-heart attack. They have a fan following as big as the Schinderler’s list. They consider themselves to be the center of the world and don’t let go of any opportunity to flaunt their narcissism. They’ll bombard your homepage with pictures of themselves bathing, hallucinating, sleeping, crying, and the list simply goes on. 

They can only talk in puns, without them they are mum. Every comment of theirs, every link they share, every tag, every status needs to be witty. Else they get constipation.

These fellows might not have read a single play written by Shakespeare but will quote him every other day. For them a status is equivalent to a quote. Rumi, Einstein, Osho, Neruda, and Eliot no one is spared from their quoting spree. 

They are like the silent observers of the social networking world. They lie dormant for months at a stretch making you to forget them completely. And then suddenly they give you the creeps by commenting on your oldest possible photo.

The poor souls don’t believe in letting a like go waste. They practice what they preach and begin by liking their own status and photos! For them random statements about the weather, everyday laments, falling ill and even a person’s demise is like-worthy. They follow it up by pinging and pestering you to like their cousin’s daughter’s baby’s photo. And lord save you from their wrath if you fail to like them. 


Nayanjit said...

Interesting one. So where do i fall? :D

D Writer said...

You know that better. :)