A letter to nobody

Dear Nobody,
My mind is filled with so many questions that I thought I better spit them out. You might not be able to come up with answers to them, or maybe to some you could. In either case there is no harm in trying. So, here I begin…
Why do Delhi girls wear their dupattas like terrorists, covering their head and face? Is it because they are trying to scare people off or because they are trying to get mixed in the crowd like dust? Is it because it lends them some invisible anonymity or because they don’t like how they look?
Why is it that sex is associated with nights? Why only when you spend the night out it also means you must have done that? Is it not possible to make out during the day time? Then why is there such a big hullabaloo about being out at night?
Why is it that people get shocked when a girl is out at night? Why is it that the ‘night’ is owned by men? Why is it that good girls (I find these words offensive, but I am making an exception right now) can’t walk alone on the road at night? Why restrict our lives to the days and retire at night?
Why do people keep pets? Why don’t they keep other people? Hungry people, poor people, old people, orphans….there are so many breeds to choose from.
Why is it that the very birds which we write poetry about irritate us no end when they start living in our air conditioner?
Why aren’t there windows anymore? I shall not even mention the ventilators.
Life is full of sound and fury and has no meaning. Every one has heard that. Then how come everyone is chasing something or other always? Well this is not making sense anymore. I shall stop here and now. Thanks for listening my dear Nobody.