A la Gifts

Yours truly has been shopping like mad, recession all but forgotten. With the two of my closest friends birthday’s just round the corner I have bought loads of gifts. I have also discovered there are places beyond the tried and tested places like Archies and Hallmark. Anyone in a similar mood or just in the mood to spend must visit some uber-cool places I am going to talk about “seen it done it”. Also those who want their gifts to be creative but haven’t got the time to make it themselves must check out the following cool places---
Happily Married – www.happilyunmarried.com
Play Clan --- www.theplayclan.com
Pylones@Taabir ----couldn’t find the website

Packed with lots of interesting goodies these places are a relief for gift hunters.
Some of my personal favourites are listed below:

Cool Radio: Spotted a funky multi-coloured done to death yet cute polka dotted Radio with a little antennae. Also available lamp shades in similar shades. Perfect for those who love bright colours. Downside found it little expensive.

Nariyal Box: Made of a real Nariyal shell complete with a zip in between. It’s crazy and fun. You can gift chocolates in it.

Cushions: With vibrant illustrated maps of Delhi, Mumbai, etc. it’s super sexy…Also available cushions with funky illustrations of desi cars, buses, mobikes and more…

Notebooks: In nice thick paper with nice illustrations…Hand made? May be, maybe not.

P.S.: Sorry if the piece sounds like an Ad…can’t help it anymore…Wasn’t paid for it though ;)