Punching Bag II

Can you beat the thing you love
Till it is half dead
Then strangely hold it in your arms
Wait for it to wake up
And with a drop of tear
Wipe its scorched lips
Smile tender
And before it weeps with relief
Scratch its bruises with a scalpel
Open raw eyes of disbelief
And let it be so confused
That it neither bleeds nor cries
Awashed in numbed grief and dumb pain,
Baffled it looks at you
Neither in hope nor in trust.

Can you kill the thing you love most?
For a reason you don’t understand,
For a reason that doesn’t exist

Can you?

The birth of my baby

A baby brought into this world
Through my sole will
Furnished with only my love
A baby whose reason I need to
Explain to all ignorant souls
I pity those worthless lives,
Who know naught
About my darling
And kill them with my pride
My baby, not made out of my flesh and blood
But my imagination and perspective
A baby which I create with my own hands
I give it to my partner
To give it life, the way I see it
And the way he understands
And when our baby is born
The joy is mutual, until the first faltering steps
With mad pain I see
Many deformations made
To my babe
I defend it like an angry tigress
And how glad I am
How proud I feel
When my baby is finally sold…

[All my ads are like my babies]

What can a movie do to you?

It can change the entire layer of living, the complete life coated over some days. And how important is a weekend? How important is it to spend it the way you want it?

Specially if you do nothing all week long, except writing meaningless kilometers of copy, wrecking your brians, thinking interesting concepts which you hope your ignorant and stubborn client will find equally interesting. And not to mention trying very hard to remain sane after doing all sorts of household chores which normally a housewife does. More so a maid does.

This weekend I saw three movies... Jaane tu ...ya jaane na. A teeny bopper laugh riot. I love the movie not because I identified with it, but because after a long time I really felt my age. Carefree. Crazy.For once I didnt feel like I have matured before time. I laughed like a mad woman. Genelia is absolutely adorable and to a great extent the character she played is like me. Imran is also cute.

The second movie I saw is Aamir starring Rajiv Khandelwal. A brave attempt for a debut. The raw butchering of beef lingered on my mind and somehow reminded me of my visit to Nizamuddin. The whole storyline of kidnapping, blackmailing in the name of religious fanatacism is fresh, I believe. The main terrorist was'nt really convincing. The bile yellow of the vomit after visiting the most unthinkable toilets was something striking. The ending was quite predictable but nicely directed. In all gripping but not all that moving.

Santa Mesa, Philipines...was the third of the set. Saw it at the Osian's film fest. A young kid loses his mother and goes to live with his grandmother. The culture shock, the unability to communicate with anyone, his efforts to fit in, how he meets aphotographer and helps him unite with his adopted daughter. Won't go too far to say that the acting was excellent. But a strong script.

And when you mix concoctions as varied as these, what do you get? You get my present mood. Absolutely refreshed and ready for the week ahead! Ready for more!