The birth of my baby

A baby brought into this world
Through my sole will
Furnished with only my love
A baby whose reason I need to
Explain to all ignorant souls
I pity those worthless lives,
Who know naught
About my darling
And kill them with my pride
My baby, not made out of my flesh and blood
But my imagination and perspective
A baby which I create with my own hands
I give it to my partner
To give it life, the way I see it
And the way he understands
And when our baby is born
The joy is mutual, until the first faltering steps
With mad pain I see
Many deformations made
To my babe
I defend it like an angry tigress
And how glad I am
How proud I feel
When my baby is finally sold…

[All my ads are like my babies]


Anonymous said...

Fierce copywriter! I'm sure you are proud when your words are born and now that I u'stand your frustration, I'll be a bit more kind with my CW :)


D writer said...

who is this...may i presume you are someone i know?

Still thinking said...

No, we definitely do not know each other. I thought reading blogs were free in blogville...hmmm, maybe I shouldn't keep the anon tag.

It's just that I u'stand the industry and I like reading what you write :)

D writer said...

Oh dats better...and i agree blogs are for do keep reading