Mad about Mukteshwar

Somerset, the place to sit and watch time walk by...

A quaint little hut by Somerset

Devotion lurking everywhere...even high atop hidden hills...

The Nest, right in the middle of the hills, no lights to guide you at night, no clear road to lead you there...utterly unbelievable

Oak trees playing with the sun...amazing forest to get lost

A lonely cloud afloat

Bird house, so reminiscent of farmville

Treetops meeting the morning eagerly, 2kms before Nainital


The place where we met
Under the shade of the trees
Is lonely today
The seat where we sat
Looking at the green
Is home now to someone else
The days which kept us company
Are long gone
The sun that shone on our head
Feels cheated
The bird which brought tidings of the day
Wander lost
Seasons sigh in remorse
Impatience reigns the path
The place where we met
Is lonely today
And still waits for us…