Moderately Insane

Was I a poet then that I believed you
Or am I mad now to doubt


Whole day the money plant sat talking
To the window panes
The sun smiled on
And when night came
The exhausted stars too did their bit
Until the money plant dozed off


You brought me a little heart
Crooked n crumpled
And I a fool
Kept it under my pillow
Not knowing it will
Steal all my peace


The dirt from your eyes
Spills on my plans
And kills your bloody chances


Rub me rub me the wrong way
How I dare you
Do so…


The tar is set to conquer memories
The sweeter the worse
To remember
Save! Call in the fireman
Record! I want to play them again

Time replied it’s ok to keep some
And to let go off some
But what if the good is gone
And the bad remains?


Scavenger, scavenger
Don’t distribute my pieces
Don’t tell my stories


Restart the brain
Re-pen the thoughts
They have slept for long


Keep your eyes open
Don’t wink don’t breathe
The mosquitoes might attack

Another way to begin

I was always partial to low key New Year celebrations…ones that had family dinner snugly tucked in, bonfire, friends and relatives wishing you and the ever bankable idiot box for entertainment. But this year, I tried something different. I rang in the New Year from Mussoorie. I actually started the journey bang at midnight…explored Mussoorie throughout 1st of Jan and moved on to Dhanolti the day after…

Here are some memories that have spilled all across my thoughts…something I saw…enjoy them and wish you a very happy new year.

we are tall

living on the edge

girl on the rocky hill

mother and daughter

point of view

retro lover on mall road