Glimpses from Assam

Crossing the Saraighat Bridge over the mighty Brahmaputra. 'Sarai' in local languages means birds while 'ghat' stands for a bank. This means Saraighat is the bank where birds come to drink water.
A very popular fragrance of Assam
On our way to Sualkuchi
A little boy called Rubul in a farmhouse of Sualkuchi. Rubul's Mom is the housekeeper of the farmhouse.
Rubul's mom agrees to strike a pose
Naughty Rubul is excited to seeing our camera
Organic farming, seen here are huge pumpkins
A view of the countryside
Flora at the farm
That's an arecanut tree, popularly know as tamul in Assamese or supari in Hindi. In Assam serving arecanut to guests is considered to be a mark of honour and tradition.
Farm produce being sold at the local market
Rubul plays with two jackfruits produced at the farm
Rubul wants us to taste some good home made olive pickles
Woman from the countryside
A farmer hurrying towards the market
A guava tree bears fruit
More from the farm
A different looking gourd. Here the gourds are longer and stronger.
Assam, infact the whole of north east is full of greenery
That's a local vegetable called 'bhat kerrela'
That's a betel leaf
More local people. Simple and grounded.