How do you name that little selfish realisation?
Which drops on your cold terrified heart
In the fraction of a second
Sweeping relief
Breathing life into you
Telling you that
It's not you, not your home
That calamity has chosen to visit


Still thinking said...

Just human I guess. The feeling is not selfish that's for sure.

You okay?


Scattered Thoughts... said...

I am quite bad to make sense out of poems and usually end up in cracking some PJs... but its my first time here so let us spare it for now :)) but liked your earlier post.. the marriage thing.. ah.. the dilemma of life.. get married or leave my house :(

D writer said...

still...may be you are right...I m good and rocking...generally delay these kind of emotions...had written it some time back when someone fell ill.

Scattered Thoughts...
Your PJs are most welcome...usually my poems don't make much sense to me too. :D

Scattered Thoughts... said...

long time no see??

D writer said...

Hey i was out for a vacation...will write more often now