Even Kareena Kapoor is not getting married, why should I?

I think the title itself says it all….
In the Great Book of Virtues for Indian girls there is an infinite list of dos and don’ts. Like the utterly irrational correct age for marriage. Inadvertently, all Indian girls (I pity the abused male lot equally if not more) are like pieces of floating ice on icy cold water, floating from this virtue to virtue, do’s to don’ts, here to there until they finally melt.

It’s seldom that Indian parents wish for a girl. And if and when she is born, with sad resignation they will tom-tom “a girl is equally welcome”. The moment she is born, the girl child is supposed to be fair, a dark one is treated to frantic home remedies supposed to magically change her by the time she grows up. And if she does not have brothers there will be sad sighs “no brothers”.

Too old to stay home alone. Too young to go out alone. That’s not the correct shade. Boys are not the right company in growing years. Oh he is your brother. (Relief) Outings = Family visits. The hem is too high. He is just a friend??? Did he call for notes? You have a bf, so marriage is on the cards. The colour too loud. Voice not right. Back not straight. Attitude unbecoming. Temper so alarming. Interests so weird. Subjects are so unlady-like. That’s a hobby not a profession. Don’t believe in god?? Ever heard of something so strange? Won’t wear salwar kameez, then what will you wear? Keep pulling your nose to make it grow longer. My she looks like her father.. Tut! Tut!. No brother to look after. Come back by evening. So late??? The where were you stares… So you have finally came back from your tuitions?

How will you do house work? Little bit of house work is a must. Save money, it will come handy. You want to join a gym. Please do. Internet, why don’t you sign in at some matrimony site. Digital Camera = Click your wedding portfolio. Another birthdayL. You want to wait for another couple of years??? I also got married at your age. Ya but we have to look from now. The suspicious do you have a bf stare? So and so’s son got married to so and so’s daughter, the girl was younger than you. Or worse still so and so’s son aunty told about is getting married. Implied- you missed the golden opportunity!! This is the right age to get married…f&^$%## O**^%$ who are you to decide?

Won't offer any reason. I simply declare a No-Marriage Mission!
I won’t float into marriage.


Still thinking said...

That bad huh??? :)
Are you seriously worried abt all these questions? Work on your 'stare' dear and 'scare' them away :D

This is exactly how I live right now;

'Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference'

Robert Frost is my good friend :)


D writer said...

Well it isn't bad...it's not like never never...but i don't want to think about it right now...all the sermons about what is right and what is not is really irritating...


Arpz said...

just act as though they DO NOT exist. Make them go away with a flick of your wrist and a turn of your head. you are too much a human being to concern yourself with the lower creatures. :)

日月神教-任我行 said...