The murder of the perfect day

Birthdays are so FAKE. A shortcut to please someone. An excuse to drink till dawn. A competition who can give the most expensive party, the better gift.

Birthdays why are they so fake? Why would I want someone who doesn’t even like me to come and wish me? What is everyone pretend to be so happy about such fake birthdays? Why does anyone have to be embarrassed about not remembering my B’day? I seriously don’t want to remember them myself.

I don’t think there is anything to celebrate my B’ day. The people who care nothing for you, why should they make such a fuss about you B’ days. And yet why do people who mean a lot to you forget your B’ day. Is it something to do with growing up? That simply, for no apparent reason you start forgetting them.

What is it with birthdays that people don’t remember them and yet don’t let you forget them?

This time,
After the disappointment of the past couple of years, I decided to forget my B’ day. And hoped everyone else would too. As always the date was hidden on all the so called social networking sites.

I also planned to switch off my cell for the entire 24 hours of the day. Because I believe phone is the main instrument for mischief. This would serve several purposes-
1) I wouldn’t be disappointed that no one called, as I could easily presume whoever mattered had called
2) I wouldn’t be reminded of my B day again and again, and by extension I wouldn’t feel bad that nothing special happened
3) It would help me treat it like just another day and last
4) It was my vengeance on those who forgot my previous B day.

So, at the stroke of midnight I began my experiment. Some over excited people had msgd before 12. I heartily ignored the sinning souls. The day seemed to start well as my flat mates seemed to have forgotten everything about it.

I went to office and was disgusted when I was given a card by the adm guy. This is how they exploit your B day, by making it official. They actually send a mail to everyone’s official ID to remind them. I still kept graciously mum, however, some of them found out and came to wish me. Some friends continued to chat with me throughout the day completely forgetting the day.

Another one thought, it was ok to ask me if she had missed something. This after she had forgotten it last time also. Well in the evening there was cake cutting. I didn’t know whether I should be flattered, as it was for three people together, whose B days had gone long back.

Well after I came home, I was pretty curious and switched on my cell for a couple of minutes. No one called L and there were just a couple of msgs. That’s it. I switched it off again and went out with one of my flat mates. Suddenly, another flat mate of mine calls up on her cell and starts apologizing me about how she forget it. I just lied its too late. It was yesterday. He He! Another experiment. Thought it would shut her up, from doing something silly like getting a gift.

After dinner I came home, trying to tell myself it’s was after all just another day. There were no frantic phone calls from my BF at my friend’s number. Its 12 am, the day ends.
My experiment is over.

Suddenly I hear the rest of my flat mates returning home. Expecting foul play, I quickly switch off the lights and jump to my bed to feign sleep. But they had to embarrass me with a stupid cake. It was probably the saddest part of the day. I had to cut the cake, I tried not to be rude but couldn’t help much. Hoped it would be over quickly, at least that bit happened pretty fast. The minute the cake was finished they left me alone.
Why did they have to do this formality? Why couldn’t people just let you be?

Its so sad birthdays aren’t anything like what they were when I was 10. I can’t ask what I want. I can’t expect everyone to be excited about it. Only now I realize how lovely things were back then and all because of my parent’s efforts.

With age why do we change? Why do I want everyone to forget my birthday and still am disappointed when nothing special happens. Why this dichotomy? Why can’t B days be same forever? And what pray is the point of this write up???

- The point is I am trying to accept the inadequacies of this fake concept. The vast difference between what is and what could be. I am accepting my hypocrisies.

P.S. I don’t want anyone wishing me belated Happy B’ Day.


Still thinking said...

And I take PS' seriously! ;)

'I am accepting my hypocrisies.' - Why little gurl are you maturing so fast? :)

When somebody matters to someone that someone will never forget the days and if by any chance it's forgotten, there could be a small minute possibility of some unavoidable reason. Blaeetd Hpapy Bdrihaty.

Umananda said...

It's btr to be lonely at that day..atleast i prefer to do that..coz more the pple more the show offs, formalities and hungamas..agreed to ur obseravtion

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

Dear D writer..

hmm..another of yr post which brings smile to the readers faces, it amkes us feel that we all go through the grind of the same emotions..despite the differences we might have .

Nyways..yes i feel that u should slow down a bit..try not to rationalize everything..sometimes one should float aimlesslessly without any a twig in a river..and midway the stream u wd start enjoying it..u can regain yr control nytime u like..

Diwali is fast approaching..i do nt know if you do it..but i still make it a point even after so mnay years to " Dhoop me sukhao" my crackers..i still sort them..count them endless times..i think the idea of soaking them in sun had an added advantage of displaying it to my friends back then.It used to be a subtle but defensive warfare amongst us..of who had more ammunations..:)

Today i still do compete with the neighbours kids..:))and i lose it...but what the heck :), atleast i can be a shameless kid again for those few moments..

Happy belated birthday..I am happy that crackers like you took birth..and added more dimensions to people around ..

D writer said...

D Still,

tnux yuo

I m not alittl;e girl anymore and i dont mind that much...

ya spending b days alone is the really d thing to do, glad that u agree...planning to go some place all by myself next time...

D BLue kite,
tnx and its really nice dat u can relate to my writings...
diwali is really a gr8 time...ya i remember papa laying out the crackers in the sun and dividing them equally amongst me and my sisters..

i m hardly a good example of a rational person...yet i think being spontaneous just like a twig is one thing i lack. let me put it this way i analyse a lot. afterall it is my job to decipher the hidden meanings.

Smita said...

On the other hand birthdays could be a really good excuse to gather people you love and thank them for being there. Philospohy! :)

I for one love being alone and do my own thing. But when the day ends, the minutes have passed by too quickly...

Solitaire said...

I love birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't care how old I am...I always have a happy birthday...and if people don't remember, I remind them!

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

Solt...when is yr birthday ?let me guess..dec or jan ?

D writer said...

dear smita, i would rather tnx people on their B' days than on mine...good that u enjoy your birthdays.

hey remind me of your birthday:D