Who said I can’t write happy poems?

I can smile
As I rub off the layer of frosted sadness
That had dully settled
On life’s window panes
Who said I can’t dance?
Like a carefree bee
In delicious smelling anticipation
Who said I can’t shine?
Even if like the quivering candle
And light up the nude darkness of your life
Who said I can’t smile?


Still thinking said...

Yes, who was that stupid who said it?

I hope you know how good you are with your words.

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

exquisite !!!

D writer said...

It wasnt one stupid....i hav had enuf of people calling me tragedy queen :))) sob sob though it wasnt about my work

thanks a lot for your appreciation

Umananda said...

the sweetest songs of life are those that are sung in sadness and alone.

This one far more than sweet...

Keep rocking

D writer said...

hey tnx umananda...waiting to see more on ur blog