Away with company loyalty

As you chart your growth in the unchartered terrains called ‘career’ do you leave company loyalty far behind??
10 years ago working at the same place for 7-8 years was perhaps called loyalty. Today it is called lack of ambition. 1 year, even 6 months is enough for one place. Things have so changed that they have actually done away with the concept of a loyal employee. But what of stability? Even stability has no value whatsoever. Today as I go for an interview, people ask me what I have been doing at a not so happening place for so long, “so long being 1and half years”. It is taken as the first sign of not belonging to the so called successful lot. It is a little embarrassing if not difficult to explain that I am in the same organisation out of choice because I am enjoying it and not due to lack of opportunities.
I am really old school in these matters; I had rather thought I would be appreciated for being stable. But it doesn’t seem so. Now jump I will, and just watch out how.


Blue Kite Dreamz said...

“There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it's the risk, the gamble. In any event it's a thing I need.”
William Faulkner quotes

well horse...the stable might nt have recognized yr "lambi race ka ghora " attribute...u can jump out in rebellion but dont burn the bridges to the stable ..the other horses and the stable managers...:)

D writer said...

Guess you are right.But i got the greatest satisfaction with my impulsive decision...
M already in a different organisation..."lambi race ka ghora"...from a trot to a gallop.