Where has the winter gone?

Wearing the snowy Alps and smoky little barbecues. Little chimneys and firewood. Whistling pines and nuts. Wooden floors and red wine. Roast corn on burning coal. Mungfalis in black iron vessels.
Icy wind on vaselined lips. Cozy caps, naughty toes jutting out of torn socks and bright mufflers. Shivering baths and blowing vapours. Hot coffee mugs and closed windows. Roses and carnations. Tell me where has the winter gone?

Tick tick…Ma’s knitting. My wind beaten cheeks. Dressed in a wide smile. Crack creams. Meji and bihu. Popping popcorns and teelor laaru. Christmas trees, gifts and cookies. New Year resolutions.

The sun and the clouds playing hide and seek. The fog falling in love with the sun. Embracing it with love. The sadness is gone. The love is shinning bright now. O where has the winter gone?

Dear winter, I do not know if I love you. I wait for the summer always. Wait for the warmth to take over my heart. But I feel something for you. For you are my own. You are me.


Blue Kite Dreamz said...

naughty toes jutting out of torn socks.
where does one get to find these cute winters..

& whats teeler laru ?

D writer said...

Naughty toes...sometimes mine...
"Teelar laru" is an assamese delicacy / sweet...called ladoo in north India :)