I remained in yesterday
You moved on
to a strange today


The curtains lived on the edges of the day
Silent and somber watching
As deadlines rushed in & went away


The cat dragged in something
Stinking, broken and bleeding
It was but yesterday’s dream


The splashes from a butterfly fell on my days
Golden were the ways
When I flew where I wanted to


There was struggle between the identities
Me was different everywhere
Twitter, fb, orkut, buzz all agreed at my strangeness


Hunger pangs attacking the tummy
Tummy punished
for all the secret obscenities
it contained


Pain is the most
random thing in the world.
It’s everywhere.


What was stress called
when people hadn’t coined that term?


The grammar of love is confusing
Even practice may not
make you perfect


One by one they leave me
no rhyme no reason
betraying hair on my head


Burden of holding up millions of
thoughts & counter thoughts
so long bow down my neck now


A writer needs to write
A doctor needs to practice
A lover only needs to dream


Tony said...

That was awesome! I hope you don't mind, but I like your writings. You are indeed a word-smith.

I hope you do not mind, but I featured you on my blog! I want more people to read your work.

you have a new follower!


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Dandalily said...

Wow these are amazing and
Your blog is wonderful

Sumi said...

amazing writing.. thts one quaint head, urs :)

Anonymous said...

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Sparkling said...

Totally awesome!
And at the same time so beautiful!

Btw, why is pain so random?

D writer said...

hey all tnx a lot...the appreciation means a lot...

@still...if only knew...why pain is so random...but it is