pure inebreation

Came across this piece one day...see if you like it...

Sitting here
thinking about you,
wondering if you're
thinking of me.
We've been down
this road before
and I know where
it ends.
Hypnotic dreams,
so sweet,
of you.
Only to wake up
to nothing more than
an unforgiving
blank wall.
Secrets shared in
deafens me.
Self sedation
brings me around,
to kill the
painful thoughts of
The less you say,
the worse it gets.


Michael "Kemo" Bingoff


Purple Cow said...

What a beautiful way to say what we have all felt at some point. Thanks for sharing...

I really like your blog and outlook.

michael~ said...

Fantastic blog! Very heartfelt and personal…

I’m anthropologist currently doing a little study on the blogging culture, and your blog has a special interest for me. If you don’t mind dropping by my site and maybe participating in the study by answering 5 questions I’d be more that grateful.


If for nothing else, drop by the blog just to take a look...



D writer said...

@purplecow...tnx for dropping by

@micheal...will surely answer the questions...keep visiting

Scattered Thoughts... said...

The less you say,
the worse it gets

isnt it other way around.. when you feel so much, the lesser said is better.. isnt it?

Michael said...

I'm the author of this poem. Thank you for posting it for me. I wrote this about my current girlfriend who found this on your blog.

When she didn't talk to me, I would see her and wish we could sit for some kind of conversation.