Some Words

Litter everywhere
You have trampled
all that I gave thee
Moments, memories,
hopes let to the wind
Crushed under your indifference
And strewn asunder gifts of love
Now they lie hurt
With their eyes on the doorstep
In the long lost memory lane


I am the end
I am the means
I live through my dreams
I play to the extreme
The conversations we share
Are nothing, nowhere
I am their creator
In form and fiction
You speak what I dream
I hear what I want to


Is your love rascal
Young fool
Innocent of dark
Depths of the heart
And love games of the mind
Your embrace
Half heart
Half feelings




The morning hummed
On a sunny Monday
And yesterday when I slept
He left his music by my pillow
Two drops of salty tears
And many little stories on my sleepy smile…
Vikram Seth is a magician


Life is like an ashtray
Where you drop your dreams,
And very often the one’s of the others too



Sparkling said...


All those lines in one post itself? Give some time to your readers to reflect dear...

I'll come back again and tell you more...

P.S: Hope the real love ain't tepid? :p

Ben said...

just discovered your blog. was totally taken over by your 'about me' description and have been exploring your old posts for some time now.
here, some words is great.
some words, stay. even when everything else is gone...

How do we know said...

wow .. these are sooooo awesome!!!! this is just what i needed to read today!

Simply Poet said...

awesome poems you have..

do check out
World's first multi- lingual poetry portal!!

do post there you may be depriving a lot of people the opportunity to appreciate your beautiful creations.

D writer said...

tnx u all...been a long time since i wrote anything...your appreciation means a lot...promise to write something soon