I knew this would happen. I was scared of this strange feeling.
Of waking up one morning, of beating sleepless dawns and knowing this feeling of having lost everything. Of being very alone.
Of nothing to give, nothing to take. What world is it? Nothing to look forward to. This ocean which doesn't engulf you, nor does it pass by silently.

Life which smiles at you from the shore, comes forward to meet you and rushes far away from you.

Which continues to tease you as if you are a baby who is being tempted with a rattle.

Ah! But life is such a personal thing.
Yet so common.
I was scared to find myself on the other side of one such morning. But sadly its time, and I have waken up.

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Blue Kite Dreamz said...

Well you are tending towards dynamic equilibrium ..many opposing processes proceeding at the same rate and eventually nullifying eachother ....:)
so enjoy the tease ..be the baby :).the world would force u to grow up..to fullfil their desires..evil and good..
Make a boat and ride those very monstrous waves which dont seem to either engulf u nor let u pass by silently..churn them.. do some soul fishing in them ..:)